About Clear Fr8 Midlands

Introducing Clear Fr8 Midlands - Your Customs Clearance and Freight Forwarding Partner in the Midlands

Clear Fr8 Midlands is the newest addition to the Clear Fr8 family, bringing our expertise in customs clearance and freight forwarding to the Midlands region of the UK. As a new company established in 2023, we aim to provide unrivaled service and support to businesses in the Midlands who require assistance navigating the complexities of international trade and logistics.

Our headquarters are centrally located in Birmingham, providing us access to the region's major transportation hubs, sea ports, and proximity to our clients. Our team of licensed customs brokers and logistics professionals have decades of combined experience streamlining customs clearance and coordinating freight forwarding across the UK and Europe.

Services We Offer

Clear Fr8 Midlands provides a comprehensive suite of services to assist Midlands companies with all aspects of international trade, including:

  • Import and Export Customs Clearance - Our licensed brokers have extensive knowledge of UK and EU customs regulations and processes. We expedite customs clearance, advise on duty/tax optimization, and provide guidance on regulatory compliance.
  • Freight Forwarding - We plan and coordinate the most efficient door-to-door shipping routes across the UK, EU, and beyond via air, ocean, rail, and road. This includes securing competitive rates from trusted carriers and overseeing all transportation and documentation.
  • Cargo Insurance - We offer access to comprehensive marine cargo and goods-in-transit insurance to protect our clients' international shipments.
  • Trade Consulting - In addition to our core customs and freight forwarding services, we provide consulting on trade regulations, duty drawback, B2B compliance, and other aspects of international business.
  • Warehousing and Distribution - Our Midlands warehouse locations offer short and long-term storage, inventory management, order processing and pick/pack fulfillment to support our clients' distribution networks.
  • Technology Solutions - We utilize the latest innovations in logistics technology, transportation management systems (TMS), and supply chain visibility tools to optimize efficiency, control costs, and provide end-to-end shipment tracking to our clients.

Why Choose Clear Fr8 Midlands?

There are many reasons for Midlands companies to choose Clear Fr8 Midlands as their trusted partner for customs and shipping:

  • Local expertise and responsiveness - Our intimate knowledge of UK customs and experience working in the Midlands market allows us to respond quickly and effectively to our clients' needs.
  • Proactive communication - We provide proactive updates and transparency across every shipment so clients know their supply chain status at all times.
  • Customized solutions - Each client is assigned a dedicated account representative who takes the time to understand their business and map a custom solution.
  • Compliance assurance - Our rigorous quality control procedures and compliance monitoring ensure our clients' shipments consistently clear customs rapidly and accurately.
  • Single point of contact - We are our clients' single POC across their entire international logistics chain, from origin to destination.
  • Cost efficiency - Our buying power, volume discounts and customs optimization results in significant cost savings that we pass along.
  • Data security - We follow strict data security protocols and data privacy regulations to protect sensitive client information.
  • Sustainability - From optimizing transportation routes to using eco-friendly packaging, we constantly evaluate ways to make our supply chains greener.
  • Scalability - We have the capacity, resources and partnerships to smoothly scale our services as our clients grow and expand to new markets.
  • Financial stability - Our robust financial position and insurance policies give clients confidence in our long-term viability as a partner.

Industries Served

With our broad capabilities, Clear Fr8 Midlands is equipped to handle the unique trade and logistics needs across many industries, including:

  • Manufacturing - We support Midlands manufacturers by ensuring duty-free clearance of imported components while coordinating cost-effective freight routes to deliver finished goods overseas. This includes just-in-time delivery support.
  • Automotive - Our expertise in handling high-value automotive goods is invaluable to Midlands OEM parts suppliers, dealers, and repair centers who import and export vehicles and components.
  • Healthcare - We enable healthcare companies to navigate the highly regulated world of pharmaceutical and medical device shipping in temperature-controlled environments.
  • Technology - Tech firms rely on us to minimize customs delays and costs when shipping electronics and high-tech products between Europe and the UK.
  • Retail & eCommerce - For retail and consumer brands, we optimize customs clearance and ‘just-in-time’ delivery of inventory to fulfillment centers and stores.
  • Food & Beverage - Our cold chain logistics support the movement of food, beverages and ingredients requiring refrigeration or freezing.
  • Chemicals - We safely and compliantly coordinate the transport of bulk and packaged chemicals across borders.
  • Aviation - At Birmingham Airport, we provide customs and cargo services to assist with aircraft parts and supplies import/export.

Our Customs Capabilities

An integral part of our services, Clear Fr8 Midlands aims to be the leader in UK and EU customs clearance in the Midlands. Our customs brokerage delivers the following advantages:

  • Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) certified - This trusted trader status provides quicker customs clearance and fewer inspections.
  • Expert classification - We accurately classify goods to optimize the duty and VAT our clients pay.
  • Duty drawback - We facilitate claims for duty refunds on goods later exported from the UK.
  • Specialist programs - We leverage specialized customs procedures like inward and outward processing relief, temporary admission, and more.
  • Duty suspension - We maximize duty suspension programs like customs warehousing, free zones, and transit.
  • Free Trade Agreements - FTA experts help our clients capitalize on trade preferences and reduced duties under UK/EU FTAs.
  • Excise duties - We ensure proper payment of applicable excise taxes on select imported and exported goods.
  • Preferential origin - We assist with obtaining certificates like EUR1 and ATR certificates that confer preferential origin.
  • Deferment accounts - Our duty deferment accounts allow delayed payment of import duties, enabling faster clearance.
  • Comprehensive guarantees - We maintain customs comprehensive guarantees as needed to cover duty liabilities.
  • Customs disputes/penalties - Our in-house expertise in customs regulations helps resolve any disputes or penalties.
  • Bonded facilities - Our Midlands warehouses and logistics centers are fully approved and bonded.
  • UK VAT - We provide UK VAT registration, collection, reporting, and refund facilitation.
  • UK security filings - We ensure compliance with pre-arrival/departure import/export declar


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  • Packing List
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